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Seawater desalination system process
Source:Seawater desalination system process   Author:Zhonglan  Release time:2015-09-01

  Large and medium-sized water desalination equipment suitable for island, compound and coastal water shortage city.Can effectively remove inorganic salt, heavy metal ions, organic matter in water harmful ingredients, such as bacteria and germs to desalination for water quality meet the national drinking water standards.
  This set of pretreatment system adopts the most advanced fully automatic multichannel combination valve, realize fully automatic large flow back flush and was washing process.This set of system of new shell and pipe are all made of corrosion resistant materials, to ensure the complete system of durability.Host RO system is adopted the most advanced RO system software and the high quality of membrane element, according to the water rate of equipment, combined with efficient energy recovery technology of unique design, guarantee the low energy consumption of the system operation.And equipped with advanced detection monitoring system to ensure system runs smoothly, producing water quality (when the produced water quality on salinity value, the system automatically open the discharge valve, the water production import waste water), and provide accurate information for system operation condition.Of the line in the system is equipped with advanced flow, pressure and other control instrument and discharge pressure, discharge pipe, can maintain the whole pipeline system stable operation, safety, ensure the system security, convenient and reliable.