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Zhengzhou rui fu purification co., LTD. Wastewater treatment engineering cases
Source:Sewage treatment engineering cases   Author:Zhonglan  Release time:2015-09-01

Zhengzhou rui fu purification co., LTD

Zhengzhou rui fu purification co., LTD

  Zhengzhou rui fu purification co., LTD. Is a collection of architectural decoration engineering, mechanical and electrical equipment installation engineering, purification engineering, building energy saving, intelligent ventilation engineering, building intelligence engineering, medical instrument equipment sales, laboratory equipment research and development, production, installation as one of the diversified engineering company.
  Zhengzhou rui fu was founded in 2005, after years of development, formed by the board of directors as the core, the general manager in charge of the management model, to purify the corollary equipment factories, sales center, engineering center, financial procurement center, logistics center for supporting the modernization of integrated enterprise.
  Zhengzhou rui fu has a professional design and construction team, in the laboratory, clean operating department, ICU, intelligent ventilation, energy saving, disinfection supply center, intravenous drug use control center, the respect such as purification workshop leader, and in henan province people's hospital, henan province tumor hospital, the first affiliated hospital of zhengzhou university, the people's hospital of zhengzhou, henan center for disease control and other relevant units A professional consultant team.In "quality casting classical, science and technology achievements future" idea, quality, with advanced design, excellent construction technology, services for well-known unit, casting a batch of classic works.
  Zhengzhou rui fu existing factory area of more than 16000 square meters, owns three production lines, the existing senior technical staff more than 200 people, with quality and brand demonstration unit in henan province honorary certificate, "rest assured quality, after-sales service satisfaction" products honorary certificate, quality good faith a-class industrial enterprises in henan province in 2012 honorary certificate, high and new technology enterprise and other honorary certificate, and has A number of technical invention patent, become A collection of scientific research, production integration of equipment production base.
  Zhengzhou rui fu in line with to the "sincere service, create a" service concept, established a perfect after-sale service system, opened a 400 call convenient customer consultation.Customer files, for each customer resume regular quality tracking service, to solve customer's worries.