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Water treatment Equipment > Plating coating zl-ddtz001 pure water equipment

Plating coating zl-ddtz001 pure water equipment
Source:Plating coating pure water equipment   Author:Zhonglan  Release time:2015-09-19

Plating coating pure water equipment

  Equipment parameters:
  Name: electroplating coating pure water equipment
  Model: zl-ddtz001
  Rated frequency: (50 Hz)
  Rated power: 1.5 K (w)
  Feed water pressure: 0.3 0.5 (Mpa)
  Water supply: 2000 (L/h)
  Dimension: 180 * 100 * 100 (cm)
  Voltage: 380 (V)
  Net weight: 1000
  Water quality: 0.01  
  Common electroplating product adopts electrical conductivity in 10 us/cm below the water, like plastic, metal plating, galvanized, chrome plating, electroless plating, electrophoresis, automobiles, home appliances, building materials products, such as surface coating process.With ultrapure water equipment (general coating electroplated ultrapure water resistivity 10 ohms) as the main, gold-plated, silver plated, coated glass, etc on the surface of a coating to demand higher products.
  Plating coating with ultrapure water equipment, water resistivity can reach more than 18 million, in the process of the plating and rinsing, resistivity of the water is usually under 15 million can meet the requirements.Some of the surface of metal objects or other material objects have to spray a layer of anti-corrosion layer, at the same time, in order to increase the brightness of the product also need to use ultrapure water for cleaning.


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