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Water treatment Equipment > Yin and Yang zl-sz001 ion exchange resin

Yin and Yang zl-sz001 ion exchange resin
Source:Ion exchange resin   Author:Zhonglan  Release time:2015-09-17

Ion exchange resin

  Equipment parameters:
  Name: filter
  Model: zl-lx001
  Ionic: Yin and Yang of ion exchange resin
  Acid, alkali, acid alkaline resin
  Appearance: yellow ball of granular
  Content: 99.9 or higher (%)
  Particle size: 0.315 to 1.25
  Solubility: insoluble
  USES: widely used
  Product synopsis:
  Ion exchange resin is a mesh three-dimensional structure of the polymer in polymer pluralistic acid or alkali.Mesh structure skeleton generally very stable, with acid, alkali and some organic solvents and generally weak oxidant doesn't work, are more stable to heat.In the skeleton of the reticular structure, there are many groups, which can be exchanged ionization, can be such as sulfonic group (SOH), carboxyl (-cooh) group - amino NROH (-), etc., and is due to the presence of these groups, made with ion exchange resin
  A kind of high-quality powder cation exchange resin, it is made up of nuclear grade pure strongly acidic Yang resin (8% DVB) nuclear grade resin made, has regenerative hydrogen type.Resin has high exchange capacity and regeneration, and low impurity content.Powder resin particles within the scope of 30-150 microns in diameter, to ensure the larger specific surface area, greatly improve the dynamics of the ion exchange resin and filtering capabilities.


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