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Water treatment Equipment > Branch water supply equipment zl-fzpt001

Branch water supply equipment zl-fzpt001
Source:the branch of water supply equipment   Author:Zhonglan  Release time:2015-09-18

Branch pipe circulation intelligent constant pressure booster pump of water supply equipment

  Equipment parameters:
  Name: intelligent constant pressure booster pump pipeline cycle
  Model: zl-fzpt001
  Material: cast iron
  Performance: the variable frequency
  Purpose: pipeline pump
  Driving mode: electric
  Pump shaft position: vertical side
  Traffic: 13 (m3 / h)
  The number of impeller: single stage
  Head: 20 (m)
  Voltage: 380 (V)
  Specification: ISG32-160
  Speed: 2900
  Electric power: 5.5

Branch pipe circulation intelligent constant pressure booster pump of water supply equipment

  Seven characteristics of variable frequency pumps, make your household water more intelligent:
  Energy saving frequency conversion:Inverter control, the use of the pump to the maximum, truly than ordinary water pump energy saving 30% 60% of electricity.
  Stainless steel rust:Water pump, a long time without use every 10 minutes of mandatory start 72 hours will prevent rust or scale lag.
  Constant pressure water supply:A pressure to regulate the water pump, frequency converter, can make the pump is always steady and the pressure water supply at runtime.
  Start delay:When the pump is plugged into an outlet delay 3 seconds to start, to avoid the socket spark, more to protect the personal safety.
  A one-button operation:Water pump is equipped with domestic three crystal frequency converter, the fool operation more simple, easy to operate.
  No frequent startup:To use electronic pressure switch, avoid water yield is very small pump frequently.The voltage stabilizing effect.
  The inverter control:Two-way control system, when the pressure control system into protection, automatic switch to the fluid flow control system, to ensure normal water supply pump.


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